You saved my life! I should say you gave me back my life. As you know after my motorcycle accident last year I was in pretty bad shape. I had fractured three vertebrae and had multiple other injuries. I thought my active lifestyle was over, in fact wasn’t even sure if I could do my job in manufacturing anymore. I was in constant and sometimes unbearable pain. I thought my day as an avid bicyclist, motorcyclist and kayaker were over. Now after my treatment at LaRose I am mostly pain free and have returned to doing the things I love. In fact just a few weeks ago I competed in the Mountain Mama Bicycle challenge in the Allegheny Mountains! So I want to thank LaRose Muscular Therapy and your therapists, especially Melissa and Tina for giving me my life back. THANK YOU!


Injuries from car accidents to the daily wear and tear of repetitive motion using the computer – massage therapy has been the one treatment that’s brought true relief. Having tried other therapies, such as chiropractic treatment, I’d receive some improvement but never seemed to break through to lasting healing. Massage therapy has become the key to having full range of motion while staying pain free. I highly recommend LaRose Muscular Therapy, having been a client since the 90′s. The professionalism and expertise of owner Dawnette LaRose and her therapists, coupled with genuine care and compassion, makes each visit a gift.


Over the past 6-7 years, my wife Alice has been faithfully visiting your office to receive massage therapy for chronic neck muscle and back pain. During that period I have witnessed a remarkable improvement in her overall ability to maneuver and function without pain. After her monthly visits to her office, she has returned home feeling like a “new person”

Needless to add, she is an advocate of muscular therapy and finally got me to try out LaRose at her expense…Well, as you know I’ve been receiving your expert care also on a monthly basis for the past year and I am convinced that proper maintence and therapy has improved my quality of life.

My wife Alice and I want to thank you and your staff for the professional care and by all means, keep up the good work.

John & AliceMilford

My first visit to Dawnette was over 13 years ago when LaRose Muscular Therapy was first starting out. I have seen Dawnette’s dedication, caring and professionalism continue all through these years. Her staff’s ability to personalize thier style to meet particular clients’ needs has contributed to much releif of symptoms. Over the years, this has been my birthday, anniversary, and Mothers’ Day gift of choice. I have encouraged friends and family mambers to get muscular work to relieve symptoms ranging from sports injuries, neck and back pain, and headaches, and to provide them with a general state of well-being. Dawnette and her staff continue to provide the best, accessible, and most reasonably priced muscular therapy in our area.


Several years ago I was treated by an orthopedic surgeon with cortisone injections into my right and later my left shoulder to alleviate the severe pain and stiffness. I had the maximum number of injections which were recommended. Unfortunately, several months later I could feel the pain and stiffness returning to my left shoulder area. I did not want to have anymore cortisone treatments. I decided to try an alternative type of therapy without using medication or invasive therapy. I did some research and chose Massage Therapy. I have been receiving therapeutic massage/muscular therapy at LaRose Muscular Therapy in Milford since 1999. Once a month, sometimes more, I have a one-hour massage session to treat both shoulders. The shoulders are the target area but my whole body is involved. I have found this “Maintenance Therapy” to be most helpful, it allows me to function without taking medication and/or having additional cortisone injections, and it alleviates the pain and stiffness in my shoulders, upper back and neck.


I have been a long-time client of LaRose Muscular Therapy because of the professionalism of the staff, the friendliness, the quality of care. I will continue to refer everyone to LaRose Muscular Therapy.


My visit to LaRose Muscular Therapy once a month keeps me healthy. After years of trying other therapy methods (chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture) only regular deep tissue massage has provided the on-going relief I need from chronic neck and shoulder pain. Having been a client of the LaRose Muscular Therapy team for over six years, I can confidently state that they’re always very professional and consistent, and the atmosphere is warm and relaxed. 


Having suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years, it was a pleasure to find the relief I received at LaRose Muscular Therapy. Muscular Therapy cannot cure rheumatoid arthritis, but it most certainly helps reduce the symptoms. I receive a sports massage every other week, and never miss one unless I absolutely have to. I am especially grateful for the referral I was given to my current rheumatologist who has brought the active part of the disease to a halt.


I have been challenged by the effects of encalosing spondolitis, a form of arthritis that can strike young men, since I was a teenager. After many forms of medical careI learned the added benefits of massage therapy. For the past 8 years I have been getting the best help ever from the wonderful therepist’s at LaRose Muscular Therapy in Milford, MA. In addition to the excellent help I receive regulary, the atmosphere and enviroment at LaRose make the visit there an absolute pleasure. Whether you have a condition that requires some muscular therapy or you could just use a relaxing massage, one hour at LaRose will make a difference in how you feel.