LaRose Muscular Therapy Exceptional AND Affordable

Improve Your Well-Being With Therapeutic Massage

In an age of technical and, at times, impersonal medicine, massage therapy offers a drug-free and non-invasive alternative to achieve wellness.  At LaRose Muscular Therapy in Milford, MA, we practice a humanistic approach in providing relief from pain and addressing other muscular problems, based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Who We Are

Massage therapy has been shown to effectively treat a variety of ailments, which is why we’re committed to keeping it accessible and affordable. At LaRose Muscular Therapy, we provide a relaxed, personalized, and therapeutic environment where your needs always come first. Our high-quality massages offer natural relief for your whole body. No matter which massage style you choose, you’ll pay the same reasonable price and receive the same exceptional customer service. Massage therapy just may be the perfect addition to your long-term wellness plan.

New! Himalayan Salt Room

Our Himalayan Salt Room (Halotherapy) offers an all-natural, “drug free” alternative for the improvement of your general health and well-being.

The negative ions produced in the salt room have been shown to create a “clean-air” environment which may reduce stress, headaches, lethargy, and depression. These sessions may also help to improve your energy, mental alertness and overall sense of well-being.

Our Commitment To You

  • We are always on time for your appointment.
  • We follow a straightforward pricing model. Every session is for the full amount of time you pay for - 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes. We also charge the same price for all types of massage.
  • We will not try to sell you any products or additional services.

The Benefits of Massage

So what exactly are the benefits to receiving regular massage and/or bodywork treatments and how can it help you?

  • Increases circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.
  • Stimulates the flow of lymph, the body’s natural defense system, against toxic invaders. For example, in breast cancer patients, massage has been shown to increase the cells that fight cancer.
  • Increased circulation of blood and lymph systems improves the condition of the body’s largest organ – the skin.
  • Relaxes and softens injured and overused muscles.
  • Reduces spasms and cramping.
  • Increases joint flexibility.
  • Reduces recovery time, helps prepare for strenuous workouts and eliminates subsequent pains of the athlete at any level.
  • Releases endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller – and is being used in chronic illness, injury and recovery from surgery to control and relieve pain.
  • Reduces post-surgery adhesions and edema and can be used to reduce and realign scar tissue after healing has occurred.
  • Improves range-of-motion and decreases discomfort for patients with low back pain.
  • Relieves pain for migraine sufferers and decreases the need for medication.
  • Provides exercise and stretching for atrophied muscles and reduces shortening of the muscles for those with restricted range of motion.
  • Assists with shorter labor for expectant mothers, as well as less need for medication, less depression and anxiety, and shorter hospital stays.